Obesity and pregnancy

Having a baby at home is the dream of every family..there is no more joy than the arrival of a new baby to life.

Most women suffer from delayed pregnancy and many other problems.. Do you think weight gain and excessive obesity have a role in infertility and childbearing problems?

The relationship between obesity and pregnancy is an inverse relationship. If you are at a healthy weight, the chance of pregnancy is greater, and vice versa.

Therefore, obesity has a major role in influencing the occurrence of pregnancy because the increased weight weakens the work of the ovaries

In a Dutch study, it was proven that the chance of pregnancy decreases if the body mass index is higher than 29, and this is because fertility decreases by 4% and fats secrete hormones that affect the lining of the uterus and increase menstrual disorders. Also, women who suffer from obesity are more likely to have polycystic ovaries that lead to irregular menstruation and delayed childbearing.

We know that excessive obesity and excess fat cause chronic inflammation that damages all vital body systems such as the liver and kidneys, leading to thyroid disorders that can cause delayed childbearing and hormone disruption.

It is possible to get pregnant with obesity, but it will have complications and damage to you and the fetus

Disadvantages of being overweight during pregnancy

  • Abortion: Obesity has a significant impact on the quality of eggs, so the rate of miscarriage and its probability will be higher.
  • Pregnancy complications: Pregnancy complications and fatigue will be increased in cases of obesity, such as high blood pressure, thyroid diseases, heart or blood disorders, and out-of-control asthma.
  • Cesarean section: Because of obesity, the possibility of natural childbirth will be reduced due to its difficulty, and the only solution to delivery will be a cesarean section and surgical intervention.

Even after the baby is born, the effect of obesity at the time of pregnancy will harm the life of the newborn and cause health problems.

The effect of obesity on the fetus:

  • Gigantism: the child will be born with more weight than normal, and this is because his body contains more fat than the normal percentage, and this leads to a high rate of suffering from the risks of childhood obesity.
  • Chronic diseases: the mother’s excessive obesity at the time of pregnancy, will transmit to the child some chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease when he reaches adulthood.

When will obesity surgery be the solution that will help us get pregnant?

  • If your BMI is above 35
  • If the diet does not affect your body in a proper and healthy way

What is the right time to get pregnant after obesity surgery?

The appropriate time to think about the decision to become pregnant is one year after the bariatric surgery.. so that the body has reached the ideal weight and you will be able to follow a diet beneficial for you and the fetus

Obesity does not only affect your appearance, it affects your life and threatens the lives of your children and your future

Get rid of the excess burden in your life… you deserve a healthy life without fatigue and diseases

Obesity and pregnancy
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